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Therapeutic work

Relationships and family life can be a challenge. All too often, we hurt the people we love, we get into unhealthy patterns of relating, we have concerns about a family member, or we are taken away from our relationships by stresses and pressures in other areas of life. We don't exist in a vacuum; societal and environmental issues influence our willingness and ability to be present in our relationships. Sometimes, the past also creeps up on us and has us acting in ways that we wished we wouldn't.

And we are left with questions... "How can I do this differently?", "What can I change that would have a positive impact on my relationships and people around me?", "How can I help my child more effectively?", "If I can't stop what is happening, how can I at least respond differently?".

If you have similar questions, or you're determined to change something about your family life or your relationships but you're not sure how, then we think we can help. Have a look around our site for more information and ideas, and if you would like to speak to one of us, please just let us know. 

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