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We believe that good supervision is key to offering safe, effective services and allowing professionals and families alike to thrive in the work that they do together.

We can offer supervision in a number of different contexts:

  • For psychologists or other therapy professionals to focus on their work in therapy or their wider roles
  • For other health and social care professionals to bring a psychological perspective to their work and provide a space to think about their own relationships with the work and with the community they serve
  • For leaders to consider how psychological principles can inform the work of their service but also the ways in which they support their colleagues

Supervision can happen individually or in groups, online or in person (Covid permitting) and as frequently as is helpful to you. We do however usually suggest that a regular (even if infrequent) pattern tends to work best to build trust and allow you to gradually share more difficult feelings or experiences.

While some aspects (time, location, agreed ground rules) are fixed in order to make the work feel safe, the focus of the sessions or the way we use the space is something that we will always negotiate at the beginning of the work and regularly review, to make sure that it meets your needs.