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Sometimes two (or more!) heads are better than one.

Thinking Together meetings offer us a chance to connect and pool different types of knowledge and ideas in a safe and comfortable space.

There are lots of ways in which people have told us thinking together with a psychologist can be helpful, for example:

  • To explore the needs of a particular individual or family with a different lens (with their consent)
  • To consider a wider bit of work - for example, ensuring psychological, mental health or relational needs are considered within the work that you're offering as a whole
  • To think about the development of a project or a commissioning strand and how to ensure that secure, attuned, trauma informed relationships are built in from the ground up

And of course there are many ways in which thinking together sparks ideas and creativity in ways which are hard to categorise! Do get in touch if you'd like to explore how thinking together might help you to find the space and perspective that you need.