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Coming soon!

We are responding to the need for therapeutic activities outside of more formal therapeutic work with us, and would like to bring you helpful resources and courses that will promote reflection and action in your lives in less expensive ways than 1:1, couple or family sessions. 

As a result, we are working on ideas along the following lines...


In romantic relationships:

  • Creating more connection in your relationship(s);
  • How to stop fighting - recognising the negative cycle and doing something different;
  • Regaining intimacy when your sex life has taken a dive.


Parenting children through emotional difficulties:

  • Managing your child's big feelings;
  • Responding to childhood anxiety;
  • Stop the hitting - managing meltdowns with non-violent approaches;
  • Parenting children who are avoiding or refusing to go to school.


Co-parenting after separation or divorce:

  • Overcoming harmful relationships and abuse;
  • How to reduce stress and conflict in co-parenting.


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