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Therapeutic work (if self-funded):

We are currently working online and in Chorlton. Sessions are usually 50 minutes long and most people meet their psychologist once a week, but the length and frequency of sessions can vary, too. 


Individuals: £110 per 50 minute session 


Couples: £120 for 50 minutes (or pro rata for longer sessions - please enquire about the specifics when you speak to your psychologist)


Parents in court proceedings: £140 per session (50 minute sessions for an individual or joint sessions as a separated couple) and per hour of admin including reading, report writing, professionals meetings etc.


Working with counsellors in training: £25 for 50 minutes


Working with psychologists in training: £45 for 50 minutes


Please ask about our flexible fee arrangement if these fees are not affordable for you or your family, if you are on benefits or if you have no recourse to public funds. Please see our separate section on working with refugees and asylum seekers and their hosting families if this applies to you. This is on the "community" page. 


We are registered with several insurance companies; please ask about the details if you have health insurance. 


Therapeutic work (if paid by an organisation, e.g. local authority):

£140 per 50 minute session


Individual supervision:

£110 for 50 minutes.


Group supervision / consultation slots:

£200 for 90 minutes (plus travel if required)


Training / supervision: 

Half day rate: £400

Full day rate: £700