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Welcome to Altogether Human CIC

We're really pleased to have you here!

We are a small social enterprise with relationships and wellbeing at the heart. We draw on numerous psychological models including attachment, thinking about systems, understanding trauma and being compassion focused. 

Our core beliefs, which guide the way we work, are:

  • We are all human, doing our best with the experiences and resources we have available to us;
  • Feeling safe and connected in relationship with others is fundamental to our wellbeing;
  • Our need for connectedness is what makes us human and therefore nurturing the psychological wellbeing of babies, children, adults, families starts with relationships - between individuals, within communities and with the systems that are there to support them.

We have all worked in statutory services and have witnessed the stress that systems are under, and the gaps within service provision that have increased over recent years.

We are aware of long waiting lists and a limited choice in therapeutic frameworks.

We recognise that many families who are excluded from statutory services for being 'too complex' or 'not complex enough', or for having 'the wrong kind of problem' are often also financially excluded from private wellbeing care. We are aware of the injustices within institutions that have not been adequately addressed, with inequities in service access and provision.

As a result, we wanted to try something new. Our hope is to work more closely with families and the community in order to create a responsive, psychologically informed service that instead of identifying one person in the family as 'having a problem', has a holistic approach to family wellbeing and relationships at its centre. We are also committed as a social enterprise to finding ways to provide affordable options for high quality psychological interventions, in collaboration with other third sector services and community stakeholders. 

You can find out more about us on the About page, or get in touch if you would like to talk to any or all of us about the possibility of working together.