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Kerry Bowers

Counsellor in Training

Hi, I’m Kerry and I’m a counselling trainee on placement at Altogether Human. My training is a three-year Masters course involving a blend of academic learning and research, self-development and client work with individuals, which will be supervised by Jasmina and Gemma during my time at Altogether Human. The combination of different counselling approaches my training offers allows me to work in a collaborative, creative way that’s best suited to you and your needs, honouring you as a unique individual.

I’ve worked within health and social care for around 11 years in total, originally working with older adults and those with learning or physical disabilities. Later dual training in learning disabilities nursing and social work led to me working as a nurse, supporting women with mental health difficulties and complex trauma. In recent years I’ve been with a service that supports culturally diverse communities by helping to prevent social isolation and address inequalities. My experience has led to an approach to wellbeing that is holistic, respecting all aspects of a person and which includes our need for connection to others. I aim to offer a safe, accepting space to you that allows you to explore any difficulties you might be facing at your own pace, as well as your goals for therapy and any hopes and wishes you might have for the future.

Please do get in touch if you would like to connect therapeutically, or if you have an interest in anything else you’ve seen on our website regarding training, supervision, or one of our community-based projects. Looking forward to hearing from you.